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NISS KR within the framework of the Partnership Agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a study on "Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia".

After gaining independence in the early nineties, the countries of Central and Western Asia achieved significant economic and social progress. However, the economic difficulties of 2015-2016, caused by the decline in energy prices and the prolonged devaluation of currencies in the region, led to a reduction in jobs and the general welfare of people.

The economic downturn brings with it an increase in inequality trends, limiting the ability of countries to achieve inclusive growth. Other structural problems, such as the lack of economic diversification, the sluggish private sector and the discrepancy between skills and labor demand, further complicate the picture of the economic and social development of Central and West Asia.

This study is directed to solve the above-mentioned problems

As a result of the research, the peculiarities and scale of inclusiveness of the process of economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic were revealed from the moment of gaining an independence to the present time. At the same time, an assessment of the inclusiveness of growth is given taking into account changes in the external environment with an emphasis on external economic shocks that affected the economies of Central and West Asia. They were caused by a decrease in energy prices and low indicators of economic development of the major trading and investment partners of the Kyrgyz Republic.

This study examines the economic development of the country, taking into account the indicators, trends and problems of inequality and poverty of the population. The paper also examined the status and development of social protection in the country, for which an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (both internal and external factors) of the country in achieving inclusive development was carried out.

In addition, the study described a change in the way of life of ordinary citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic since the republic gained independence until today. The note "Human face of the economic development of Kyrgyzstan" presents a story that reveals the period of transformation of the economy of Kyrgyzstan from planned socialist to market economy, shows the economic and social progress achieved in the life of a particular person and his family in our republic.

As a result of the research, recommendations and proposals were developed aimed at ensuring inclusive economic growth in the Kyrgyz Republic.








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