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Samarkand, 11.11.17. /Tolonbai Kurbanov – Kabar info/. Preservation of civilizational qualities by the Central Asian countries is the main prerequisite for the prosperity of the region. This was stated by the director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies of the KR (NISS KR) Azamat Dikambaev to the correspondent of the KNIA "Kabar" at an international conference in Samarkand.

According to him, the Central Asian development has led to openness and complementarity between cultures and ethnic groups. "The process of accumulation of civilizational phenomena from the Great Silk Road to rich oral and written creativity, art, science, medicine was constantly taking place in the region," emphasized A.Dikambaev. "Thanks to civilizational properties, in the past Central Asia has been one of the most culturally and economically developed regions on the Silk Road for a long time, as well as one of the most influential centers in the system of international relations of that time," Dikambaev added. "The Central Asian model of integration should be based on our sociocultural features and provide for the preservation of the principles of polycentricism and diversity, the development of the region through the movement from private to general and the formation of an enabling environment," the Kyrgyz expert concluded.

The international conference "Central Asia: One Past and a Common Future, Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Mutual Prosperity" is held in the city of Samarkand under the aegis of the United Nations.








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