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NISS KR in the framework of work with the Eurasian Economic Commission carried out a research on the topic "Solving the issue of the import substitution through the development of industrial cooperation of the state members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) on the basis of analysis of industrial complexes and the general market of the Kyrgyz Republic." According to the survey of economic-forming enterprises of manufacturing (excluding food) industry, there was a lack of production cooperatives in the form of joint production. According to the survey results, among 95% of respondents was noted the presence of certain barriers to production cooperation. The main factors that hindered development were following:

- Shortage of working capital for the development of cooperative relations with enterprises;

- Long distance and transportation costs, leading to higher prices of products;

- Lack of information about potential partners;

- Lack of information about their company in the markets of the countries participating in the EEU, etc.

Most respondents noted that enterprises of Russia and Kazakhstan are the most attractive for cooperation.

As a result of the research it was determined that the textile and clothing sectors have the most priority, along with such sectors as leather-shoe production, fur and wool processing. In these sectors, the Kyrgyz Republic has the potential to provide itself with its own raw materials: wool, cotton, skins of large and small cattle, etc. Favorable conditions for the choice of these industries is that in these industries, a fairly high payback, the ability to quickly change the range of products at a minimum cost, relatively cheap electricity, inexpensive labor and flexibility of the tax system (based on a patent). In addition, the production of garments has a high export potential and plays a big role in meeting the needs of the country's population.






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